Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Have you had one of those days...

where everything seems so much harder than an ordinary day or than it really is?? That's how its been for me today. Felt soooo tired this morning I just did NOT want to get out of bed. But I got through the day and here I am :) Mum and Dad arrive back from New Zealand at 10.30pm tonight so we are waking the girls and taking them to the airport to pick them up. Thankfully Mum and Dad are staying here the night so the girls will get some time with them in the morning.

Lastnight, while Dave started hooking my new computer up, I scrapped this layout of Jessica.

While browsing blogs I read on Mel's blog that she had nominated me for a

Thanks Miss Melly! Love finding out the history of such things, so did a little searching and found it started Here, and how cool it only just started August 2nd!! So passing on the niceness to


Also here is a piccy of the first part of my RAK (don't forget to comment... YOU MIGHT WIN). This part contains 5 pieces of yellow writing paper, 5 pieces of graph paper, 2 pages of music script paper and 5 pages of an old diary. Love ledger paper and the likes so it's a great foundation for this RAK.

Oh and have to mention that Dave came home from work with a HUGE box with speakers that he had bought for my new computer. Well the box wasn't that huge but it was huge to me cos it only had speakers in it and I wouldn't have expected speakers, for a computer, to be that bit but golly it's a 2.1 speakers and the .1 is more like ummmm 2??!! Noice! He has set them up and gosh they have the potential to be VERY loud!! Thanks Dave :) Love you and that's always a good spot to end my blog on!
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  1. jane fitchett8:11 PM

    ive had one of those days today too :)

    thanks for nominating my Sharmaine- i desperately need to update my old blog- but not tonight, im going off to plonk on the couch.

    been loving your layout too
    ps- btw Matters is my maiden name :)

  2. Thanks for the nomination!

    Good to see you got over your mini album phobia, they can become addictive you know :) Very cute mini.

  3. mmmm thanks....lol That will make me update my blog too!
    Yummy papers!


  4. Love the layout,very cute!! xx

  5. Oh yeah, I know all about those days!!! i have had a lot of them lately it seems!!!
    I LOVE your layout!! The colors and design are great!!!


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