Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm a bee, I'm a bee

a busy busy busy bee... or maybe tired tired tired bee

So Mum and Dad's plane that was MEANT to get in at 10.30pm Tuesday night... well it was delayed, along with all the other Qantas and Jetstar flights that were in or out of Melbourne on Tuesday. So at 12.15am Wednesday they touched down, back in Tasmania!! They were thankful of having made the decision to stay overnight here as they didn't get back here till after 1am. Dave went by himself to get them but Megan was awake till they got here, and is now one tired little chickadee! The girls all enjoyed jumping on Mum and Dad in the morning, way too early if you ask me, and I think Mum and Dad enjoyed it too!

Yesterday, after Mum and Dad had gone home I went to the phone shop and got a new SIM card, mine has been playing up and we are hoping it's just the card and not GRRR.

Playgroup in the arvo and then Megan had Guides last night, so I did the grocery shopping Ick!

Today we had playgroup in the morning and not much in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is a student free day so we have a lunch date with Dave,YAY.

As promised here are the 'ingredients' for my RAK. Yesterday I added some buttons (surprise surprise). The RAK will have a handful of colour from the handful of buttons that I will add from this little stash.

And today I added some random stickers (and some more when I find some groovy ones)

So don't forget to leave a comment and this ever-filling-up-RAK might just be on it's way to you!!

Dave's at soccer training so I am off to scrap.

As always, thanks for visiting :)
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  1. Wow you are a busy bee hehe thanks for the comment on my blog xx

  2. Wowee 5000 hits - thats alot!!!

    I luuurrve the buttons too so bright and cheery :)


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