Friday, August 31, 2007

I love Dave

I do you know!
He is on his way to pick up my computer, gotta love him for that... and a lot more ;)
So still no photos to show but hoping to do that tomorrow night :)
Did another page for my 'this is me' journal and I noticed they had a new challenge up so will be doing another page soon.
Today Allison came to visit with 5 of her day care kids. We had a lovely time and they played really well together.
Glad its Friday and apart from Dave's soccer tomorrow and going to Church and Dad's on Sunday, for Father's day, the rest of the weekend will be filled with not much and the mammoth job of cleaning the sunroom. Told the girls it needs to be done so they can play in there over the school holidays, truth is I want it clean for when we come home from our visit to Grandma's! Speaking of which I said to Dave tonight, that this time next week I won't be cooking him tea ;)
Not long now Grandma :)

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  1. lol ...well maybe you might want to cook when you are at Grandmas because you might miss it too much ;) hee hee

  2. grandma12:15 PM

    I am also open to anyone who wants to cook at my place!!!! 6 sleeps to go, hope we have some of the nice warm weather that we have had this past week.


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