Thursday, August 23, 2007

a scrapping type of day

sort of lol This morning we had a 'scrap session' at Play and Learn. The Mums got to scrap some of the photos that had been taken this year and the kids played, well that was the plan. I think we ended up with about 10 pages between us, speedy me was first lol. I even got to do some tearing and doodling!!! Shocked them all and even got titled 'the expert'.... hmmmm

Took some photos today, Megan missed out as she was making a thank you card for our next door neighbour.



Jessica took some of me.

Unless I sneak in tomorrow, through the day, I won't be back till Sunday. Off to Bron's tomorrow night and then the wedding Saturday. Already tender about not seeing the girls till Sunday and having a night away from Dave.. oh well lol Haircut tomorrow :)

Off to scrap :)

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  1. You have to pop in tomorrow online with your new hairdo!!!!

  2. grandma8:34 AM

    Love the photos of the girls and you. Hope that Bron has a great day for her wedding and that the weather is kind and that you have a good time too even being away from the family. As Allison has said please let us see a photo of the new hairdo!
    Only 2 weeks to go and I will see you all....hooray!


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