Monday, September 03, 2007

Doesn't feel like a Monday Monday

Today has been so busy that I haven't realised its Monday, although it felt like it when I woke up!!
This morning we had Elizabeth's speech therapy appointment. She is now doing the 'sh' sound as well as the 'f'. We are also going to be joining a group for her stutter. She doesn't have a bad one but if we can get on top of that now it will be for the better. She loved her session, as always!
Then this afternoon we had another Pre-kinder session. We made these:

Daffodils and butterflies, the painted flower Elizabeth did a while ago. Elizabeth and Lucy also made sheep but they were sleeping, or rather wouldn't stand up, so there was no photo!!

Last night I just scrapped one layout, shock horror lol. I wasn't going to use this photo of Jessica but after Allison's comments (see yesterday's post) I used it to create:

Journaling says "sadly I know where this trait came from"

Hope you have had a good Monday, regardless of if it felt like a Monday or not :)
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  1. A perfectly suited layout for Miss Jessica Lorraine!!!

  2. He who isnt in trouble7:40 AM

    The photo of Jessica looks strangely similar to one I saw on a "mixed tape" layout about a week ago...

    That must mean I am off the hook this time!! Yippee!!!

  3. off the hook?? never knew you were on the hook Mr Man!! just as well I love ya and would never blame the 'face pulling' trait on you!

  4. me again8:58 AM

    I've never pulled your face!!!

  5. And I hope you don't! My face doesn't need any more stress than what I already put on it!

  6. losing this battle quickly9:06 AM

    What kind of person puts stress on their face? Surely one would just put foundation or mudpacks???

  7. and we know that ain't me! No, by stress I mean the facial expressions my face gets to make everyday... right now it is frowning your way young man!

  8. Ive got no chance now9:28 AM

    but surely the soft tender kisses on that face ease the pain?

  9. Phew....10:36 AM

    X O D

  10. Who have you been talking to?

  11. Ha! Mr funny-pants! think your clever but I am clever-er cos I know your ip address and can smell you from a long way off ;)

  12. Oh I just love that layout!! The colors and design are great!

  13. Hello!!

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!!!

    I love your layout!! That is such a funny photo!! Love it!!!

    Have a great afternoon!!
    Xx Jess


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