Sunday, September 02, 2007

Elizabeth is proving to be expensive...

6.10am and I wake in a start. There was a crashing noise... was it Elizabeth closing their door? I get up to investigate... No door is open but there is a light coming from their room... hmmm no light on... what is going on??? Ahhh I see now. She had pulled their curtain down, rail and all!!!
Roll on to 8.30am she is putting on her shoes, I turn away, I turn back to see a hole in the toe of one shoe... how did that get there I wondered... turns out she had put her finger through it??!! So, after Church, we went and did a little bit of shopping!!!!
Made Dave brekky in bed this morning and we went down and had lunch with Dad. Mum is currently in Darwin so he cooked us a lovely roast lamb. We got Dave a CD player for the car (which car will be up to him but I think the girls are convincing him to put it in the van) and we got Dad:

I scrapped last night:

And also completed the even more latest challenge at This is me journal , turns out there was a new posting over when I got there last night!!

Took some photos of Jessica today, she was looking to cute to pass on a photo or three lol

Will leave you with this one and hope it makes you smile

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  1. Love love love love you layouts and especially love your mixed tape interpretation!!!!
    I adore the pic of Jessica!!! Can't wait to see how you scrap this one

  2. OMG! I just love all your lo's! They are truly awesome. I really love your take on the "This is Me" challenge lo. I think I'm a broken record so my kids tell


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