Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well, what a time we had!!!

Mum and Dad came and took us to the airport that Friday morning.

Here are the troops waiting at the airport...

We got to Melbourne a little later than scheduled, picked up our lovely Kia Carnival (which only had 12kms on the clock!) and zoomed off to Grandma's house.

We had a lovely time settling in and Saturday we had a little road trip visiting some nearby towns and a park for a play and then a walk. All going dandy till Saturday night when Lucy found that Mr Hurly had joined us on holidays!!!

Sunday Lucy, Dave and I stayed home, after being up most of the night with Lucy, while Grandma took Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth off to Church. Sunday night I was in bed before tea and all this time my throat was raging it's own war and we decided I should go to the Dr. So Monday morning Dave took me to the Dr, I was coughing, vomiting and feeling very blue by now. The Dr informed me that it was a cold and I should REST and not be around the kids... Thankfully, because we were at Grandma's, this was achievable and I went home to bed and stayed there till Tuesday!

Monday night it was Dave and Megan's turn to have a visit from Mr Hurly. We started all getting colds about this time too.

Wednesday I finally ventured out, even if it was just a short trip to the Mall and back, and I finally started eating again!

Thursday we thought we would make the most of the day and went to Sovereign Hill, it was a very windy day so we only stayed for the morning.

Friday we headed off to Melbourne, with Grandma, for the night. We shopped all day and then Saturday we drove to the Market, parked the car, walked around, caught some trams and went to the Aquarium.

After that we walked a little more, had some lunch and then caught a tram back to the car before heading home. Poor Elizabeth was so tired and worn out she would lie down on any chair she passed and eyed off those that she wasn't allowed to get to. Around 7.30pm that night we took her to the Dr too and found her ear was inflamed and she started on some antibiotics.

Sunday we went with Grandma to Church and Monday we took Megan and Jessica out to spend their holiday money. Tuesday we flew home again.

So now we are all recuperating (as are Grandma and Grandpa who also have this icky cold) before School goes back on Monday.

Today Dave mowed the lawns, is amazing how much they grew while we were away, and the girls spent loads of time outside enjoying the sunshine. Summer is certainly on its way!

Thanks everyone who visited my lil' ol' blog while we were away and a bigger thank you to those that left comments :) Hugs to you all!!!!!!!

Started a Holiday journal while we were away, but that stopped once I felt so tired and drained from this flu. Will show you all when it's finished, which hopefully won't be too long away!!

Take care and, as always, thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Julie LOVE9:03 AM

    Oh Sharmaine I can't believe that you all were SO sick on your holidays!!! but it does sound like you all had a great time anyway :0) (inbetween being sick)

    Take care ok


  2. Sharmaine!!! love all the photos you took! :)

    glad you're back and hope you'll all feel better real soon :)

    take care *hugs*

    ps: Roast Chicken recipe is @ Groovie Cafe *wink*

  3. You poor bugger :)
    Been there done that with Mr Hurley on holidays too.... I swore I would never go away again until my eldest was 4, well a year and a bit later the memory had faded slightly and we went away and all was good. Those type of holidays are great. The Mr Hurley type just leave you exhausted......
    Sounds like you had a great time when you got better and really is there any better place then to be sick with your mum to help out.

    Hope your feeling rosy by now :)


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