Saturday, September 22, 2007

layouts - His and Hers

Thought I would share how Dave and I have been spending our kid-less afternoon.

I completed these three layouts

and Dave completed this one layout (which now has engine and 5 carriages on it) he is itching to put the track around the house...

Spoke to Mum and she is having the girls another night, she didn't ask... it's just the way it is... I'm not going to argue! Love that they can spend time with her. Not sure what we are going to get up to tonight, Dave said I could leave my scrap stuff out, it is sprawled over a couch in the lounge room, and then asked if he could take me out for tea again... I asked where and got told it shouldn't matter.... We will see what happens :)
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  1. oh wow...Gorgeous layouts Sharmaine! and another kid~less night with the hubs! how fun :)

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Lovely layouts Sharmaine :) hope you are all feeling much better now.

    Take care :D

  3. really love the blue layout!!!

  4. the layouts look fantastic sharmaine....done very nicely. Glad you have been enjoying your children free weekend

  5. grandma4:07 PM

    Love David's layout-----one day David you will have room for all the track to be put out at one time. Hope you are all 100% now and ready from school and work tomorrow.


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