Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Post 550 and I just got brave

and posted some layouts over at scrap in style tv (SISTV). I joined there a while ago but always felt the layouts people posted there were AMAZING! So I have now stuck my toes in too!
Posted these 2 layouts I completed last night, got out my paints and glad I did as I wasn't liking my last few layouts. Love these though!

Used some of the things from the Q Tea Kit

Journaling : 11 years walking together and I have loved every step! This year is our 10th wedding anniversary and I have enjoyed each day of that too! Love you!

Do you like my bubble wrap arrow??!!!

Journaling : Yep right between the garbage and the recycling bins! you love to just sit and chill!!

Grandma - 2 sleeps to go and I am trying to think how I can pack the suitcases without little people realising we are coming to see you!!!

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  1. Cool layouts....Hmmm I dont think you going to get packed without them knowing unless you do it when they are sleeping...goodluck with that lol

  2. grandma11:42 AM

    good luck with the packing!!! you will do better than me if you can pack without them knowing. See you at the airport in 48 hours time. PS I love the layouts

  3. lol...good luck with the secret squirrel packing Sharmaine!! That will take skill!

    Your layouts look amazing, and good for you for being brave and working outside your comfort zone. I think I need to take a leaf out of your book!

    Megan xx

  4. Love your layouts especially the purple!! It is always nice to drag out the paints it is always so worth it.
    Totally jealous of all the fab layouts you are doing, I am stuck at the moment doing a uni assignment so can only drool at yours :)

  5. You're rocking that paint and bubble sheet!

  6. I love these Layouts, great with the paint and that bubble wrap makes an awesome effect!

    Good luck with packing:-)))

  7. they're fabulous layouts!!!

    pack pack pack! hope you're all done *wink*

    have fun!


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