Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sneaky me!!

Yep I did it, packed the girls clothes and they are none the wiser!!!!
its holiday time!!!!
Leaving tomorrow morning to spend 11 days with Dave's Mum, our beloved Grandma!!
Mail news:
received my 'add on pack' March Hare's Garden from Q Tea Kits today and yummmmmmm I love it all! Love how Danielle has gone the extra mile as the postcode paper is the page that contains OUR POSTCODE!! how is that! Nothing like the finer details to make you feel good! Thanks Danielle!
So for now that's it
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Just did this journal entry for the This is Me Journal Challenge. Saw the new challenge and had to do it before we left!!! Used the journal card from the first Q-Tea kit.


Journaling: Tomorrow morning we leave for our holiday and the girls don't know! I love this secret! Excitement plus!!
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  1. You clever thing getting everything packed like a true secret squirrel!!!

    Love the layout too Sharmaine....just beautiful!

    Megan xx

  2. So cool! Surprise trips is something DH and I look forward to when we have kids!

  3. What a cool page! I love it all!


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