Friday, October 05, 2007

All in the name of FUN...

Yep that's me!!
I scrapped this layout, which turned into a double, last night. Its for the Everyday Garbage challenge, where you have to use bathroom items.

I used cotton buds, cotton wool and the flower heads were stamped with a sink plug.

Here are some closer shots, some aren't the best but you'll get the gist :)

Dave drew a picture of a castle for me and I used that as a guide for the shapes to cut out. It was also his idea to add the 'little people'. Megan asked for her wings to be added this morning, I thought she looked more like a gnome but a fairy she became!! My fave part is Super Elizabeth, flying through the sky. The girls love the layout and hearing Elizabeth laugh at it this morning was worth the time spent on it. For me it was too long and I am way over it lol
Jessica came home today with these

and asked if I could scrap with them... Jeepers now I have challenges being issued at home!! So we will see what I can do ;)

Speaking of Jessica, she was part of a group, selected from each class at school, to be interviewed by one of the local radio stations. If your up for a dose of 'cuteness' then you can hear it here. None of Jessica's bits were used, she said she only answered 2 questions and shook her head for the others, but Sean is in her class and a crack up, as you will hear ;)

Today I got some happy mail!!

Thank you Ed and Stephanie!! Love it and looking forward to playing, although some little scrappers have been eyeing it off too!!

And finally I just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!! We hope you had a lovely day, that your friends spoilt you rotten and you didn't eat too much chocolate cake!!
Thanks for visiting :)
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  1. i love that layout Sharmaine!!!

    and yippee...glad you got the package from us :) enjoy it and aww...let the Girls have a go at them! *wink*

  2. Oh they will Ed! They love to nag me till they get to scrap!!

  3. What a bright, fun funky layout, love it. Using a plug to stamp with is such a cool idea!

  4. grandma11:52 AM

    Thank you for remembering me on my birthday and for all the lovely presents and cards you sent. I loved how Elizabeth and Lucy sang happy birthday to me on the phone!!!

  5. Wowww !! what a cool and fun LO Sharmaine !!
    Love it !! well done !!

  6. Gorgeous girl - this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!! Love the poppets and the use of stapled cotton buds! You rock :)
    Love to you and your gorgeous clan!
    Lus x

  7. Anonymous4:50 PM

    AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG, not poooppppeetttttsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Hehe I am assume that was Josiane... Yes poppets... all in the name of fun... nothing else lol


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