Thursday, October 11, 2007

I don't like hiccups

just got the second dose in a couple of hours and they hurt!!

The best way to get rid of them, according to me, is to not think about them. So...

Created these Tuesday night:
This one of Jessica where I made myself use ribbon, something I have a bit of and don't often use. Can you spot the broken button? Love using them and love that where I get my buttons from puts them in!

This one is for a challenge over at SIS TV, you had to use song lyrics. Journaling is the last verse of the song and how this is Dave's song and is very Dave.
Printed out a few photos of Megan and Jessica so I can start doing a few more layouts of them.

Proud Mum Moments:

Megan wanted to make a friend a birthday card. She did this all by herself.

the inside, yep it's a pop up (the clever girl!)

Today Jessica did all her 200 words, a list of words that they work through and aren't meant to complete till Grade 1, she's in Prep. Now she will have a spelling test for all of them.

And I kid you not the hiccups are gone!! Works every time!
Thanks for visiting.
In all the excitment of trying to forget about my hiccups I forgot some VERY exciting news!!
NO I AM NOT, before you start thinking along those lines...
Lovely Jody, over at SISTV, chose my layout of Lucy (see below, the one for the Mojo challenge) she chose it as her fave for the week and it's featured on 'the catwalk' with all these AMAZING layouts!!! have been blown away!! lil' ol' me in amongst all those talent PLUS people! Super cool and it made my day when I saw it yesterday!!! Lovin' SiS, such lovely, warm and welcoming people!! Love it!!
Ok that's all :) Thanks for visiting (AGAIN), Hiccups still away :)
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  1. lol...glad you got rid of the hiccups Sharmaine! I hate them too, they hurt so much.

    I think you are a creating Queen....these are beautiful. And how clever is Megan with her card?? She is a bright spark to be able to do the pop up so well.

    Megan xx

  2. Congrats on the Catwalk Sharmaine! that's a cool thing yeah :)

    and yayy for no more hiccups!!! hehe...

  3. Such great LO's and cards. Love how you used the paint with bubble wrap!

  4. GREAT layouts!!! my fave is the two peas in a pod. So cute!!
    (lol at the hiccups)

  5. Can I just say that the first LO is KILLER!!!! Absolutely stunning! They are all FAB. but that one ROCKS!
    Do love the broken button.

  6. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I can see why your 'baby in the corner' layout was highlighted, it's great..what a thrill for you.
    I like how you do the paint over the pp in alot of your layouts, I should do that more often, it creates a nice 'break' between the pp and the photo.


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