Sunday, November 04, 2007

a little scrap night :)

Allison came for tea last night and we had a little scrap session afterwards. Was nice, seeing as we hadn't got together, for a scrap, since August!!
Did this one for the challenge happening over at Category Stories where you had to create a FABULOUS layout :)

I also created this one, yes Mimi I did a UNO layout! I am using it for the challenge happening over at Are You Feeling Groovie? where you had to scrap an event, which this was as it was the first time all the girls had played, and you had to use more than 1 photo.

Also started 2 other layouts, which I hope to finish tonight.
Hope your weekend was a nice one and that the new week is a fun one, I know ours is going to be busy :)
And as always, thanks for visiting
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  1. Great layout for Category Stories, love it, what a FAB gift!!

    the other one is nice too, so many pictures.... pffff that would be difficult for me!!

  2. So glad you scrapped it and a great LO at that, love the title!
    Also loved the drab to Fab Lo, what a FAB title, lol!

    The title wrapped around the half circle journaling is great.

  3. Allison7:51 AM

    Thanks again for was great spending time with my girls hee hee....!! even if they did fight over me at the dinner table lol. ohh and love how the drab fab layout ended up turning out. Thanks again for helping me get back into my scrapping groove!!!

  4. loving your LOs Sharmaine!
    can't wait to see the rest :)

    another week to be Happy woth our Loved ones :D *yayy* !

  5. I love your drab to fab layout. Very cool title.


  6. vivian6:58 PM

    looks great!

  7. That UNO layout is too cool. We are notorious UNO players...I need to do one too.

    Great blog.

    Sarah (from SIS)


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