Friday, November 02, 2007

Hippy Flippy Ray It's Friday!

Firstly the RAK winner, drum roll for Davie Babes...

Yep Ed, your the winner! Will email you :) Congrats and thank you to everyone who played along :) Don't stay a lurker ;)

Tonight we played UNO with the girls before bed. Yes Grandma it didn't stay away for Christmas.

We all had fun till the end and for those of you who are still under the illusion that Lucy is a sweet, cute, lovely, quiet or any similar adjective, little girl then look away as I am about to shatter that illusion!! She got quite upset when told there wasn't another game to be played...

and to prove it was all an act...

Hope you have a super weekend. We have a 2nd birthday party to go to tomorrow and some serious bedroom cleaning to do, so it will be an action packed day :)

Keep smiling and as always, thanks for visiting

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  1. typically lucy goosey....I love uno by the way and i expect a game next time I am over!!!!
    have a great weekend chickadees!!!

  2. Can't wait until we have card nights with the kids too!!

  3. Adorable pics (need to see an UNO LO), we are an UNO family too!

  4. Thank You Sharmaine! woohoo... i won the RAK hehehe :D

    UNO, my kids love that game! and Lucy looks so cute, love how you captured that shot of her crying even though it was an act :D

    enjoy the weekend!

  5. LOL those two last pics are classic!

  6. These are darling photos. Can't wait to see them scrapped!


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