Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some Toilet woes and some layouts :)

Have to share the toilet woes of the day as they were a plenty and funny!!

1. I was on the toilet when the smoke detector started beeping. I rush out to find that Lucy had switched the hallway heater on and the hallway stank of heated dust!

2. I was on the toilet, yes I go often, when I hear Lucy in the kitchen rustling a bag. I call out "Don't touch it" rustle rustle "Don't touch that" then I hear her call back "I touched it"!!!

3. Elizabeth informs me that Lucy has done a poo. I asked Lucy if she has finished, her reply "No I am singing"??!!!!

Today has been ummm interesting, but I distracted myself by passing by my scrap stuff and doing a little at a time to complete:

And also the latest This Is Me Journal challenge, to do a page on what makes you cry.

Journaling around the heart says:

'giving, receiving, missing, wanting, sacrificing, learning, yearning, imparting, forgiving, forgetting, growing, believing, seeing, trusting, belonging, sharing. Love makes me cry'

Hope your Wednesday has been kind. I was meant to do the grocery shopping tonight, between dropping off/picking up Megan from Guides, but the pay hadn't gone into the bank so its put off for another day :)

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  1. Oh, what a great post today!
    I'm waiting for the day that I can go to the toilet with the door closed again myself LOL.
    Love your pages.

  2. My Wednesday here in the states has barely started, but thanks for adding a little levity to my day with your potty mouth!

  3. LOL. The potty stuff cracks me up.

  4. beautiful LOs!!

    and lol at "i touched it!"

  5. Yuck, yuck, thanks for the chuckle.

  6. Thank goodness you didn't distract yourself by going to the toilet again!! LOL


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