Saturday, December 15, 2007

10 Sleeps...

and it is a brand new day :) no grumps today folks :) Thanks to all those who left caring messages, I am ok ;)

Ok then, last night I scrapped this layout, which I am pretty chuffed about! I used a transparency, yes you can see through this layout, and I cut up an old Santa hat to make the letters.

I did this for the challenge happening over at Global Perspectives. You had to scrap about what the holidays mean to you. To me its about joy. Joy in faces, joy in our lives, joy in possibilities and joy that was given.

This morning Dave went and picked up Megan, who said she only had half an hours sleep but wasn't tired.... He also took the car stereo back. It hasn't been working for over a week and when he looked at it the power was getting to it but no love was happening!! So we await the return of that and the Christmas CD that it still had inside!!!

I went for lunch with the lovely Allison and Fi today. Was a nice time and I am still FULL from eating! I had a lamb pizza and had to bring half of it home, was very VERY yummmmm, and I didn't need tea tonight!!
Bought some wooden coasters today and hope to get the girls to help me make some presents for their teachers tomorrow. Will see how that pans out and take some photos to share with you then :)

As always thanks for visiting and hope it is a wonderful weekend for you and yours :)

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  1. Cool layout Sharm.

    And was Megan crusty last night??! At least she made it through the night and could be very proud of herself for that!

    Megan xx

  2. That's what I was thinking :D My Jess, has always been a sour puss if she does'nt get her 10 hours of sleep. Love that photo of the carolers and your xmas lights, they look wonderful.
    Great layouts too, I've never done a see through one.


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