Thursday, December 27, 2007

364 Sleeps...

Yes folks Christmas is over for 2007 and now the countdown is on for 2008!!! Been busy so will tell you whats been happening with some of the oodles of photos I took!

Finished making some Christmas presents on Monday, Christmas Eve day. Made this for Bron and Murray, made it light so if they go overseas, as planned, they have the option of taking it with them. Also made it so they could hang it, if they fancied ;)

Doodled the pages with lines, ready for some yummy recipes...

Made some of these
Had melted too much chocolate so covered this

Here we are all ready to go do our Christmas Eve thing. We go drop off presents to friends places, drop the present on their doorstep, knock on the door and run like mad people back to the car!!

Oh and we also go around looking at Christmas lights! Grandma this is one of the places we visited when you were over in 2003.

Home after that, notes for Father Christmas in place, as was his glass of coke and biscuits, reindeer food out on the driveway and the sacks in place in the lounge room.

Watched some Christmas carols before bed.

5am I rolled over to check the time, woke Dave in the process, realised my bladder was beckoning, got greeted with a Merry Christmas as I wandered past Megan's bedroom, little noises from other rooms but we put off getting out of bed till 6.30am.

Jessica was over the moon with her new bike, that didn't last as she declared it too big later in the day!

Elizabeth got these fun glasses from Jessica and that's a lollipop from her sack in her mouth.

Megan was also VERY happy to find a guitar from Santa, she declared it the best Christmas EVER!!
This is the pressy Dave and I got from Grandma, we used it last night when Uncle Samuel and Louise were here for dinner.

and of course it can't be Christmas without a Pavlova covered in cream and fruit!!

I got Dave a garden swing seat. Yesterday he set that up

and the girls enjoyed testing its stability ;)

we got the girls a totem tennis set, which also comes with a soccer ball that you can kick around the pole too. We had an old one before that ended up on the tip so Megan was rather happy to get a new one.

Well thats it!! Today we took the girls out shopping to spend the money they got from Dave's Grandparents. Megan bought a beanie kid, Jessica some Little Pet Shop toys, Elizabeth a tea set and Lucy a doll. Dave also spent his money and bought a DVD drive for his computer so he can now play the soccer game I got him for his PC! So all in all happy campers ;)

Oh so what did I get for Christmas.... 4 Picnic bars, 2 chomps, a clothes basket, some photo frames, calender, a top, a nightee, a box of chocolates and I can't think what else :)

Hope you had a superly special time and are still enjoying the holidays :)
Take care and thanks for visiting and wading through all those photos!!!!!!

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  1. That is glad to hear everyone was happy, healthy and safe.

    geez! 364! :D

  2. Hey we got a totem tennis set here too Sharmaine!!!

    And have you got any of that cake left? It looks so scrummy.....

    Great photos, and so pleased to hear you had a good day!

    Megan xx

  3. Allison9:15 PM

    yayayy to the Jessicas bike it looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it in real life.

  4. Looks like you had a berry busy day but it also looks like you had great fun!
    Merry Christmas from the Aussie stuck in the USA :p

  5. everyone looks so happy! where are you in those shots??? *wink*

    love the doodled recipe cards!!!


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