Friday, December 28, 2007


I know it is summer but this morning you could have been mistaken! It was a very cold start to the day, overcast and dark. We went to Bunnings Warehouse to spend a voucher we got for Christmas. We got more sprinkler attachments for the watering system. Looking back in my blog it was exactly the same day after Christmas last year that we went to Bunnings to spend a voucher to buy sprinkler stuff... never ends ;)

Not long after lunch the weather turned warm, got to 32 degrees today, and so we spent some time outside.

Eating Smarties in the shade of the apricot tree

Having to wash off ones face because of the 'smartie juice'

Relaxing on the garden swing

Hard at work making a start on the new sprinklers

Last night, when Dave put Elizabeth to bed, he asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight, she requested roast lamb and dumplings... so I roast some lamb and Dave made some golden syrup dumplings, wish fulfilled ;)

Tonight Megan and Jessica are playing computer games with Dave. He has hooked up Megan's computer, his computer and the laptop and it is funny listening to them and Megan wandering out from her room to say her men are attacking Dave or Jessica's men! Dave got to play his new game last night and I haven't heard any complaints so I think I might have chosen well??!!

Hope your day was a nice one, full of fun stuff :)

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  1. I do love seeing little girls in their jarmies and dressings gowns - so love the pic of everyone in the car in the post below Sharmaine.
    Looks like you had a fun day!!

  2. Looks wonderful to be sitting out under the tree, it is winter here and your pictures look so inviting!

    So funny you did the same thing last year! I guess that is what life it like! LOL

  3. What GREAT photos!!!

    It's funny hearing about others celebrating Christmas in the summertime. We are in thoes of winter over here, of course! :-)

  4. I'm coming to your house. Roast lamb and dumplings? Sounds delicious!

  5. So weird to hear that you are eating lamb. LOL! Poor little lambie. =) The potatos look yum! Also weird to hear you say it is summer. I did notice that the kids have on robes and long sleeves so the temps must fluctuate a lot there. Your hubby is very cute, I might add. Nice looking family you have!!! Looks like you cook a lot. Fun looking at all of your photos! Did you get your package yet?


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