Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I truly hope 2008 is full of good stuff for each of you! For us we have the experience of a new school, again, to look forward to and hoping the good choice, that this is, will bring new and good consequences. We look forward to marriages, births, birthdays and seeing friends and relatives. We say goodbye to 2007 and reflect on the challenges and choices the year gave us. We look forward to 2008 in hope that it will be a healthy year and a prosperous year. I hope it is also for you.

As usual we had a 'special' dinner to celebrate the coming New Year.

Some Yum Cha and salad

Pulled some Christmas Crackers

Enjoyed our food

Watched Open Season, very funny.

Now the girls are all in bed, said 'goodnight, see you next year' *grin*

And now Dave is watching Love on telly (doco about the cirque du soleil show Love) followed by Help! and I am planning on scrapping.

Hope you have a lovely last day of 2007, thanks for visiting and see ya next year *grin*
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  1. Looks like a wonderful, comfy last day of 2007 ! It's so funny to see people all around the world hitting 2008 at different times ! I'm still well into the middle of the 31th !

    May you and your family have a wonderful New Year of 2008 !

  2. hmmm that food looks yummy!!
    happy 2008 healthy and inspiring!

  3. I love the special dinner idea and the crowns are precious.

  4. Grandma6:08 AM


  5. Lovely family and Happy New Year!

  6. Looks like a wonderful party to greet the new year!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics.

    Happy NEW year!!

  8. What a great family and what beautiful little girls you have - each one so different. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your family.


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