Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do you have one of these??

Someone who likes to rearrange the toilet rolls??

Quite often, almost on a daily basis the spare toilet rolls, which live on the window ledge above the toilet, get arranged. I just stack them when I put them there and have been greeted with different arrangements when I return. Well this photo is of how I found them this morning and I will take photos for the next week and post them here so you can see... Yes I do know who it is as one of our wonderful daughters has a paper fetish (she like to rip paper into little pieces) and also has a tendency to make things ummm neat or perfect. So look forward to that won't you lol

Yesterday we spent the day around home, playing lots :)

Here is Master Chef Elizabeth making you a cup of tea and lovely cake

Lucy showing me how she can hula, and she does it really well!

Elizabeth also showed me how she does it, she spins herself around and around lol

Last night Allison came over for tea and a scrap. I wouldn't have scrapped if she hadn't come so am thankful to her for that! Elizabeth got a magnifying glass for Christmas and was playing with it last night. She wouldn't let me take photos but would let Allison!!

So last night I scrapped my This Is Me page, the challenge was to be like Oprah and list your fave things of 2007, so for me that was:

Gloria Jeans Caramlatte, Love, Elsie, Lagoon paint, Lost- series 3, Monorail daypass (a lovely memento of my Sydney trip) and smiggle stuff!!

Then I scrapped this, it isn't quite how I wanted it but its scrapped now :)

I then finished off this one today

and I got to scrap this one today too.

This morning we called in to a park on the way home from Church and the girls had a lovely time playing, Lucy was in her noisy element!!! We got home, had lunch and then went outside to enjoy the sunshine. Wasn't too hot today, tomorrow is meant to be a scorcher, so we enjoyed being outside. Dave played totem tennis with Megan for a while and the rest of us just enjoyed sitting ;)

So that was our weekend. What have you been up to?? Hope it has been a happy one :)
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  1. That looked like a full, wonderful week-end.
    I don't think I have any toilet roll addicts around here. I'm the one with the most OCDs at home, so I guess we've avoided that for now ! lol !

  2. Sharmaine, you and Dave are so Blessed with Beautiful Girls!!!

    love those shots of them :)

    and toilet's me @ our home arranging them neatly!!! i am a neat freak... (but not my scrap corner!!!)

    Happy 2008!!!

  3. I just LOVE that Journey page!!

  4. Anonymous5:19 PM

    great layouts Sharmaine - especially the journey one :)

    Take care :D


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