Monday, January 14, 2008

Hallway Hop Scotch

Yesterday the lovely and thoughtful Allison sent me through a link HERE for making an indoor hopscotch, well I modified it a little, made it with paper and sticky taped it to the carpet and let the girls go for it. They had fun, by the end though Lucy was running full pelt at it and skidding on her bottom to the end!! RATBAG KID!! lol

It is in front of Megan's bedroom and each time she comes out I hear her jumping on each step and again when she goes back in. Funny!!

Today we went out to a scrap shop, that is about a 10-15 min drive from here. We went because they also sell Beanie kids. Megan earned money from picking raspberries at Mum and Dad's so we went out to see if they had one she wanted, they did!! I also bought somethings, yummy Thickers WHICH I LOVE and 2 new tubes of paint, because I just can't walk past this colour!!
So this afternoon I started my new Art Journal. I have been looking at the talented Danielle's work and she has inspired me to get off my backside and start creating all the things I have had in my head!! So here is my first page. 'Life is a canvas just waiting to be painted'. The napkin, which is under the paint, and the dragon fly were in kits from Q-tea.

Today I picked some of yummiest tomatoes.

The big ones are store bought but the little ones are from our garden and the yellow ones are super sweet and the skin really soft, delish!! And they are all gone as we had them in our salad :)

Also today I received a RAK from Lusi. Thanks Mate :) Can't wait to play with the scrappy goodness :) Don't you just love the card she made to go with it!! Super sweet and talented lady!!

Megan rang and spoke to Jessica this morning, we are going to go pick her up Wednesday. She is earning money too and doesn't want to come home lol Megan is missing her heaps, as are we :)

Think thats it so I will say thanks for visiting and toddle off to do something else ;)


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  1. Sharmaine, i Love yorur Canvas!!! can't wait to see what you come up with.

    how fun to be hopscotch~ing! and those tomatoes, my fave!!! i can eat them raw anytime, anyday! hehe...

  2. Allison9:04 PM

    hey you....glad the hopscotch worked :) maybe also a good winter time activity!!!!! Love the journal and the Rak is yummo

  3. love your hopscotch.(:

    great shots!!

  4. hello
    just would like to thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog
    this one is now written both in french and english so.......enjoy :-)

  5. That hopscotch idea is super cute!

  6. Personally, I covet the Pez from your RAK package! Love the layout.

  7. Indoor hopscotch sounds like a lot of fun! And that new paint is so yummy!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Uber jealous of your new goodies... yummo!

  9. hopscotch = yay! =) ..and look at all your yummy goodies =) he he

  10. Look at them go,so cute!Looks like a yummo RAK!

  11. good for you starting your journal. I so need to get off my bottom and start one too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. vivian11:49 AM

    oh sharmaine... loving your first page of you Art Journal. looking forward to seeing lots more!! :o)

  13. The hopscotch is total it. Your work rocks, and I've just added your blog to my faves!!

  14. What a great idea! Those tomatoes look so yum! TFS.

  15. Sharmaine, love your art journal, so glad you were inspired to start, I am finding it so fun and FREE to just slap paint on and words and stuff :) too cool!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I had made sooo many mistakes on my comment I had to rewrite it !
    As I said, the inside hop scotch is brilliant !
    And I loove your canvas lo ! So gorgeous !

  18. haha I love that they are playing hallway hopscotch. Cute. Oh. and the Thickers...awesome! I want those felt ones :) Need to go shopping :)


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