Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thomas is in the House

This afternoon Dave and the girls got out some of their Thomas the Tank Engine sets and had fun playing.

While they did that I scrapped 2 layouts. This one for a challenge over at Scrap Dragons where you had to do a Music inspired layout. This one is using the Jack Johnson Song Better Together.

Then I scrapped this one for the Scrap Mojo challenge, to scrap a resolution you make every year and to use stitching.

The stripy napkin is from the October 'Real Men Drink Tea' kit from Q-Tea.

Took some photos today, enjoying playing with the new camera ;)

Handsome man wearing the new shirt Uncle Samuel gave him for Christmas

Handsome monster who appeared while I was clicking the camera behind me....

Little miss Butter-wouldn't-melt

Someone wasn't too happy about being photographed, until she saw the photos and how grumpy she looked in them, then she offered to do them again... sadly it was bedtime and I didn't take her up on the offer ;)

And Little Miss I-will-have-a-photo-taken-but-there-is-no-way-I-will-look-at-the-camera! Just as well I am wising up to this fact!!

OK the lovely Brigitte tagged me, same tag as before so won't go through the 'rules' again. She tagged me in hope she might get to know me better, I hope this doesn't disappoint Brigitte :)

7 random things about me...

1. I have been a raspberry picker, Office Administrator, camp counsellor, radio announcer and a Youth Worker.

2. I have driven on the left and the right side of the road, legally

3. I have always been able to survive on little sleep, until I had kids now I always lack enough sleep!

4. I have one leg longer than the other

5. I have blue eyes

6. I have always been known to dodge the camera when a photo is being taken, now I don't care.
7. I have always wondered why the sky is blue, as well as other 'interesting' questions :)
Ok Job done again lol
Hope the weekend has been a good one for you all, spoke to Jessica this morning and she doesn't want to come home from Mum and Dads!! Hoping we might go get her tomorrow but we will see if I am allowed to lol
Ciao and thanks for visiting :)
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  1. #1. Love your layouts! You are good :)
    #2. You take great pictures. I cracked up with that one of DH, my DH hates to get his pic taken.
    #3. Your girls are adorable.
    #4. I know why the sky is blue ;)

  2. i Love your LOs for the challenges!!! so Gorgeous! that napkin is so Groovie! *wink*

    and i always enjoy looking at photos of your handsome Dave and beautiful Girls! :)

  3. why the sky is blue:

  4. Love your lo's great blog you had. Hope to see you around. Mika (

  5. grandma6:53 AM

    great shirt David!!!! love all the photos

  6. Bonjour Miss Sharmaine !!
    first of all, thank you for doing the tag, it was so interesting to read you and goshh !! you didn't disappoint me !! what kind of statement is this girly ??... one leg longer than the other ?? real ?? :) hmmmm... why the sky is blue ?? good question !! i'd better check that site below !!
    and looooove your LOs !!!

  7. I forgot to tell you how much I love the tp sculptures!!! they are hysterical!!!

    - Linda

  8. Waw, great layout and nice shots!!
    I found you on Nessa's blog, I think I'll come back again to see your new pages.
    Greetings from a half Italian-half Aussie girl ;)

  9. I'm always wowed by your pics and los !
    Isn't it funny how uncooperative family is with photos ?


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