Thursday, January 17, 2008


That's what Elizabeth has been. Poor kid!! Spoke to her on the phone this morning and she was in tears, Mum said she had been like that at bedtime too. Lucy got all upset last night too, didn't want to sleep in her room without Elizabeth. Poor kids!!! Just as well it was only for one night and we will soon be on our way to pick Elizabeth up and go to the bbq!!

Took some photos of Lucy today, couldn't pass up the chance seeing as she looked too cute wearing 'her' beanie. Poor kid is getting a cold and feeling a little glum.

I did another page for my Art journal. We were laying in bed last night when this page came to me.... you might see where the inspiration came from!!!
Also completed this layout of Lucy :)

Used some of the tape I got in the latest kit from Q-Tea and the circle is from the outside of the tape.

Hope your day has been a nice one :)

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  1. Allison3:04 PM

    ohh look at lulu she is getting to be a big girl now!!!! Love the layout and the journal artistic thing you!!!!
    Have fun at the bbq!!!

  2. I like the tape:) You know I've never seen any decorative tape, ever. I need to look for some online.
    Good job on the pt! I think it is tons easier with boys, I feel for ya.
    I hope Elizabeth gets to feeling better soon.

  3. That is brilliant. I love the tape. Geez. You did great with the paint too. *kisses to your poor baby girl* I hate when Ethan is sick.

  4. lovely layouts! & sweet picture of your girl.:)

  5. Hi Sharmaine! Lovin those layouts...too cute! Hope you have a good day! :)

  6. I really like that layout, great job. She's such a cuttie!

  7. lovin' the layouts!! So sorry that lucy is getting sick..but she is too cute!

  8. cool beans =) Love her little blue beanie...he he

  9. Such a cute picture!! And love your new creations.. that decorative tape ROCKS!!!!!! Have a great Friday!

  10. Poor Elizabeth :-( I hate feeling homesick too, so give her a big hug from me.

    Love the layouts Sharmaine...the potty one is so cool!

    Megan xx

  11. bonjour Sharmaine !!
    Love your ARt Journal !! (i always say i should start mine...heuu...that ws 2 years ago !!) still nothing is started !! maybe this year huh >??
    Hope your little one is feeling better by now, nothing's worst than leaving your little ones at someones' place than to realize that they are unwell !!
    Hope you have a great w-end !

  12. Oh my, the neighbors lo is too funny ! Sorry you have to deal with nasty people though !


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