Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quality Time

and lots of it ;)

This morning we took 4 bikes, 4 girls and a soccer ball up to a nearby school oval.

Kicked the ball

Rode the bikes

Ran on the grass

and just had fun!!

This afternoon the girls played in the pool Uncle Samuel gave them for Christmas.

Yesterday Allison came for a visit, stayed for tea and had a little scrap ;) I completed another page in my Art Journal

This page for the latest This Is Me challenge, what you like about winter

Then this page about Lucy and her love of the beanie

and, just to prove I don't HAVE to use paint (lol Allison), this page of Jessica and about how I am proud of her resilience and positiveness in regards to the change of school that is happening this year.

And on top of all that I had an email from Danielle saying I have been picked as one of the Guest Designers for her Q Tea kit, I'm the lucky March girl :) can't wait to see what I will get to play with!!! What a wonderful opportunity and I am very thankful to Danielle for choosing me, in amongst all those other amazing people!! And AND the lovely Lusi mentioned me on her blog because she found my work inspiring... ME??!! So glad I could inspire someone, amazed I can inspire someone with so much talent and chuffed she mentioned it :) so pinching myself a little today ;) Thanks Danielle and Lusi, for beliveing in me :)

And I will now leave you with a photo of a dead mouse I found today.... Thanks for visiting ;)

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  1. Haha ! You rock even without the paint ! I love the sewn frame !
    And congrats about Qtea ! That rocks !

  2. Hehe @ your mouse :) Love the beanie layout and the pool photos..they will be gorgeous to scrap. Can't wait to see what you do with the QTea kit...I'm a subscriber too. Love that DQ.

  3. you are inspiring, seem to have so much freedom when you create..i can't help but be structured...bugs me sometimes! congratulations on making gdt for will rock!!!

  4. congrats on the guest designer. You deserve it. Loving the dead mouse. LOL

  5. ahhh man....officially JEALOUS!! We have rain rain and more rain!!!
    looks like so much fun!!!
    love the layouts too!!

  6. looks like a great day. Love all the pics and scrappy goodness.

  7. Hello, thanks for your wonderful comments. Love all your pics!

    Looks like my tag store will not last...go check my blog. :D

  8. Yay! COngrats to you too!! Exciting!!

  9. man you are inspiring in so many ways!
    congrats on the qtea spot!!!! dq is amazing too :)
    loving your paint work so much!
    lus x

  10. youve got some great pages! love the dead mouse :)


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