Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A new page from my Art Journal. I used PVA glue to make the writing (waited 24 hours for it to dry), painted over it in red, then around it in my yummy blue :)

Today we went to Mum and Dad's. Megan's home and Jessica is there. Took some photos of the girls with our dog LB. He lives at Mum and Dad's so he has space to RUN ;) This was the best photo of the lot :)

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Megan has swimming lessons 3 or so years ago. She hated the deep end, wouldn't get in, cried etc etc anyway I put off doing anything about it because she gets very worked up about it all. She would happily swim in the shallow end or anywhere that she knows she can touch the bottom... Well tomorrow I am taking her to have a one on one session to see where she is at so we can get her back into some swimming lessons. Just want to know she can swim and that she will be safe around water, then I can get the other kids swimming too!! Its been a hard road so I am hoping tomorrow pays off and we get her swimming in slightly deeper water! She doesn't know and I won't tell her until its time to get ready, so we don't have a lot of think time which equals think TO MUCH time. Wish me luck :)

Hope your day has been a nice one :)
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  1. Love how the pink color pops out of the blue. wonderful!

  2. When you think about it, it's smart of your dh to realize that water over her head can be dangerous! But I hope you find her attitude has changed now that she's older. The one-on-one session sounds like a brilliant solution. Here's hoping the teacher is sensitive and knows the right tricks to get her going!

  3. Good luck with that. I'm in the same boat with my son. He refuses to go to the deep end. I really should consider private lessons...

  4. Love the message.
    Good luck with the swimming lessons

  5. Your joke CRACKS me up! hehe That is why you are my friend!!! You sweet woman making me laugh!


  6. what a super fun entry!!

  7. woww, love the title !
    it's always rewarding to be patient !


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