Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sun was back today!!

and glad of that ;)

I even went to bed last night and turned on my electric blanket and its the middle of summer!

So today we had time outside, yay. Did some gardening while the girls played. They finally got to play in the boat that Allison gave us!! They loved it and want to play pirates and go sailing for whales!!

They also got to eat some beans today. They just love being able to pick things straight out of the garden and gobble them up!!
And because it was sunny AND I had my camera outside I got to play... here are some random, very random shots :)

Last night, while waiting for Dave to come home with YUMMY Indian food for our tea, I scrapped this layout :)

And today I scrapped this one for the Scrap Mojo challenge, which was to use something you would normally have thrown away and staples. So I used tissue paper and made the flowers and a piece of left over graph paper :)

Tomorrow we head to Mum and Dad's, to pick up Megan and drop Jessica off for her 'holiday'.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful and thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Allison7:03 PM

    love love love the pics and layouts. I also love that the girls are enjoying the boat.....makes me happy!!!! Hope Jess enjoys her holiday and that Megan enjoys what you have planned thursday ;)

  2. ooo i love those random shots!! so artsy! :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog! i'll be bookmarking you as well! so much inspiration on your blog! whether it be yours, or the ton of links on the sidebar! whew, how do you keep up? lol

  3. Wowsers love that!! Your hubby looks so serious. Mine looks that way too. :)

  4. adorable layouts! You are taking some really awesome pictures. You guys havin' a cold snap? We are having a warm one... I think that's interesting.

  5. Well would you look at that....photos, scrapping AND sunshine! I love the photos and the layouts Sharmaine - you take a mean shot!

    Megan xx

  6. lovely lovely photos!!! and loving that layout of Dave :)

  7. I don't know how you could really make a "bad" layout with those cute children as your photo subjects. Love the one of your dh--simple layout, but perfect!

  8. LOve the random shots. Glad it is sunny there. It is raining here.

  9. Awesome photos!!! Love the lo with DH!!! Perfect!!

  10. Ok first of all those pics are super! I love them! The mojo page is beautiful! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! You are so awesome!

  11. Lovin your photos! I'm so jealous that you're in fabulous sun and warmth while I'm stuck in freezing rain! lol

    Also, great job on the Mojo challenge, your flowers are killer :)

  12. i saw you on SIS...and surprise i love your blog too! you are amazing!

  13. sun is great. As are all your garden pics. Love the still life action and the portraits...such an eye for details!

  14. Those pictures are GREAT!! I love the colors in them!!!

  15. love the photo's :)

    sounds like you're having a ball ;)

    Take care

  16. Wow! What beautiful photos! And I love the paint on your LO! So cool!

  17. Love how you use paint on your layouts.


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