Friday, January 04, 2008

My Best Friends...

when I am sick!!

Oh and she is at it again,

found this yesterday but didn't have the energy to take a photo :)

Today we went and did the groceries, as well as filling the car up with petrol and going to the fruit shop, yes the joys of putting things off because your sick!!! Well the girls were soooo good for me that some things accidently got dropped into the supermarket trolley...

Jessica got a play dough dome.

She loves it and made a snowman

Elizabeth and Lucy got some bubble blowing stuff... We had fun playing with this after morning tea, which was had outside. Here are some of my fave photos (didn't miss any of Jessica this time!!)

We didn't forget Megan, bought her a magazine that is awaiting her return... miss her :( Spoke with her this morning and she is having a great time with Mum and Dad. Mum said she has money in her wallet so she might never come home!! Poor Dad is a sucker, but I love that :)
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  1. Hi Sharmaine~
    Hope you are feeling better. Poor thing!
    Gorgeous pics of the girls.
    Hope you have a great weekend ;o)

    Love Kel xxx

  2. great photos! love bubble photos... those ice pops look awesome... i don't think we have those here :(

  3. Love those bubble photos!! Such sweet girls!!

    Glad you're feeling better!! Happy Friday!!

  4. Hope your feeling better. I am looking forward to more toilet paper pics. Too funny

  5. OMG ! The return of the toilet paper !

    Are you feeling a bit better with the help of the lemonade ? I hope so.

    Your pics are lovely !

  6. oh, those ice pops look yum.

    Love all the bubble pics!

  7. Yeah I think I could use one of those popsicles except it looks like the artic outside! Very cute little one! Get well soon!

  8. Your girls are adorable. What's the deal with the toilet paper.. funny! I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    When I'm sick I like hot chamomile tea with lemon & honey. Happy Friday!

  9. Hope your feeling better. I am in the same boat, on the couch all day and not feeling my best either.

    Your pictures are fab! I am loving you summer pictures when it is so cold and drab here today, 11 degrees, Yikes!

  10. really really hope you are feeling back to yourself now!!!
    what lovely pics...i am so envious of your bright sunshine!!


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