Saturday, January 05, 2008


Ok Grandma you were warned!!! This post contains apricot photos!!! LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

Yes they are sooooo good!

Yes soooo good I have to close my eyes and savour the flavour!!!

Yes our apricots are riping and today we ate the first for the season and OH MY THEY WERE GOOD!! Grandma if you are still reading sorry!!! We wish you were here eating them with us but YOU ARE NAUGHTY FOR READING THIS lol

Ok on to seriouser matters, is there such a word?? Add that to the Sharmaine Dictionary if there isn't!!! Today was hot diggity and we had to go shopping. The older of my 2 pairs of 3/4 pants decided that yesterday would be their last day and so today we had to go buy me a new pair. The girls were slightly bribed by their lovely, handsome father and told if they let Mummy shop without a fuss they could have a babycino... so yes we went to Gloria Jeans and had coffee :) Love that the babycinos are free with any coffee purchase ;) The girls loved it!!

So home again home again and Dave took down some of the outside Christmas lights, some yes I said some :) The girls got to play in the little paddling pool outside for awhile before we headed back inside out of the heat.

Last night I scrapped this layout. I bought this piece of paper in October, while in Melbourne with Dave. When I bought it I knew what I wanted to do with it and that was to scrap a 2007 layout. Well wait and wait I did till 2007 had finished and then over at SISTv there was a challenge to scrap a layout about 2007 so... I did!!

Doing this layout was like playing Tetris!!!! Almost 50 photos and there were still gaps!!

Just before getting online tonight I scrapped my One Little Word layout. The word is Steps and I took this photo at the park on Wednesday because I wanted to make this layout about Elizabeth's new year, so was rather happy to see the word prompt as it made me create:

Journaling: "You take your first steps in your school years, You take more steps to improve your speech. You take steps to be more independent. I look forward to watching you take each step and seeing you develop into all that you can be. Know that each step you take we are beside you. Love you"

Leave you with sharing the smiley face she drew on Elizabeth's doodler :)

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  1. Ahh - I would lvoe to be in Australia now- it is freezing here. LOL.

    Love your layouts- amazing the 2007 layout with all those photos!!!

  2. It is always weird to read your blog about how hot it is there when it is so cold here. We even have bad storms right now and there are flood warnings. Love your 2007 layout. 50 photos is a lot. Great Job.

  3. Mmmmm those look soo good, very cute little ones!

  4. Hey I'm glad you're feeling better and you could go shopping quietly !
    And I second the girls : it's so funny to read about Xmas lights AND super hot weather ! lol !

    I love your los ! Wow ! 50 pics ! Makes you think of tetris indeed !

  5. *hugs* Sharmaine!
    hope you're all better today :)

    can i have some Apricots please???
    they do look yummy and love that photo of your little one savouring it! i'm jealous...

    great layouts and rest well but enjoy the weekend!

  6. Luv the pages! And you are so lucky for having apricots right now! I have a tree but it wont be getting any fruit till marchish...Yum! I love them and it looks like ur kids do too! How cute!

  7. Allison8:03 AM

    Love love love the layouts they are fantastic!!!!!!!!! Love the apricots too hee hee

  8. grandma8:06 AM

    thanks for the warning!!!!how I wish I was there enjoying the apricots and the girls!!!!! Love your layout of 2007 and I echo your thoughts for Elizabeth for 2008


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