Sunday, January 06, 2008


Yep that's my word for 2008. The VERY inspiring Ali has, again, prompted people to have a word that they want to reflect on this year. Last year I chose Relish, which I think I did well in 2007, and this year I have chosen Thrive.
Journaling "Thrive. What does this word mean to me? To grow, to flourish, be successful, be the best one can be. This year I am hoping we all thrive. The girls at school, me at home with one and Dave at work. I hope we thrive in the opportunities the year brings and the challenges we face. Be the best we can be and thrive in 2008".

This afternoon we were hanging around outside and I did some more playing with the new camera, here are some of my fave photos :0)

Hoping to pick Megan up tomorrow, we all miss her heaps, but seeing as I haven't spoken to Mum or Dad yet, we will see what happens.

Thanks for visiting and hope your new week starts out wonderfully :)
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  1. Allison7:27 PM

    Love love love the photos they look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gorgeous photos!!!
    and great word for 2008!
    and i still want the apricots! hehehe...

  3. Love the photos Sharmaine.
    Can't wait to see them scrapped!!

    Have a great week,
    Kel xxx

  4. Beautiful word for 2008 !
    These pics are gorgeous as always !

  5. Those are fantastic photos!

    Good choice for a word, I'm still on the fence for a choice for myself but I like control (i.e. control my bad habits).

  6. loe the bubble wrap paint pattern. Love all the pics of the family too. Happy New year! Thrive!!

  7. I love that word!!!

    your pictures are beautiful!! Happy New Year!


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