Friday, January 11, 2008

What did you do today??

Me... I took the girls on a little roadtrip ;)

We went to see if we could find some new parks. Here are some of my fave photos of today, we found a creek on our drive and Megan loved jumping from rock to rock just so I could get a coolish photo ;)

The view, from a park, of Mount Wellington

The view, from the same park but looking the other way, of Hobart

Morning tea in the shade

Played a bit with these 2 photos, glad I did ;)

Oh and Yep the little toilet paper person is at it again

I also made this layout about Lucy yesterday, yes I know I called it today but it was today when I thought of it lol

Dave is on his way home from up North and when he gets here we are back in the car to go have dinner at Mum and Dad's because my youngest brother heads home tomorrow, he and his partner are over from the mainland. So that's why I am blogging while the girls are watching telly, its HOT HOT HOT :)

Hope you have had a fabby day and whatever you did was fun :)

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  1. Sounds like youve had a fabulous day with your girls! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. wow...lovely pictures....looks like so much fun!!!!
    enjoy some of that yummy looking fruit for me please!!!

  3. Thos are great LO's I love the journaling!

    I just notied you vist the Charlie and Lola site - one of the girls I work with at my LSS found this and thought it was halrious because my parrots are names Charlie and Lola. Weird eh?

  4. oh love all those fantastic shots you too. Very cute lo too. The shot of the swing is really than...Have a great day

  5. bah! foghorn leghorn...he totally made me giggle with that =) Love the pics! especially the feet with the holga-camera-like dark beans =)

  6. Love your pics! Those peaches look so yummy :)

  7. Wonderful pictures ! I love these two layouts, the today one is uber cute !

  8. Great photo of the swing... my girlfriend did a layout using a photo like that... I'll try to send it to you!


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