Saturday, January 12, 2008

Larry Long Legs

Megan asked me to make her something, so we looked through the Plush-O-Rama book and she picked out Loud Pants Pup... so here is our little version, introducing Larry Long Legs :)

Today we went and picked up the car stereo, which had been sent away to be fixed, and we were impressed that they sent our CD back too!! Sadly not the instruction booklet so now to figure out how the darn thing works again!!!
Today Dave also took down the last of the Christmas lights, so the house is naked again lol
Picked some carrots today too, which we had in our stir fry, and whenever I pull carrots I have to plant some, so we did :)

We only have a few, they supplement our bought variety lol

So what have you been up to today?
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  1. Owwwwwww that bunny is SOOO cute!!me likey :D

  2. Aweeeesome Larry long legs hehehe !! and sooo funny too !!
    heyyy !! looks like you've been busy doing some healthy gardening huh !!??! Carrots look yummy !

  3. i adore Larry Long Legs!!! so cute and lovely :)

    love all your LOs Sharmaine!
    i enjoy looking at all your photos and your Girls, they're just sooooo Beautiful! :)

    *hugs* to you, Thanks for your well wishes and kind words :)

  4. hey sharmaine !!
    Forgot to say that...i tagged you !! NOT because i had to tag someone, BUT because i'd like to know more about you ! :)
    hope you can do this!

  5. "Loud Pants Pup"--lol, love that! Too cute.

  6. I want to live where you live if you are all doing outside activities in shorts and no coats! Those carrots look so fresh and yummy. I freezing over here in Chicago and will be til mid-June.

  7. Oh my goodness he's a cutie!!! :)

    Your yard looks so magical!! I love it!! Can I come visit?

  8. OMG! You sew too?! You crafty Diva, you!!! So talented!

    Larry Long Legs has the best eyes! And thank you for including the link b/c now I gotta get me some plushy friend books and a sewing machine and fabric, and, and and, hee!

    - Linda

  9. OMG ! Awesome bunny !
    I love gardening too ! It's so fulfilling !
    Good luck with the audio system. lol !

  10. Ooh loving Larry! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I think I've found a fab new blog to visit here! Your girls are gorgeous. I have a set of 4 too...just mixed ;)


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