Monday, January 21, 2008

Where has the sun gone??!!

It has been cold here today, so much for summer!! Can't complain too loudly as the wind dried our 5 loads of washing!!! Monday's are washing day, which means the towels and sheets get done as well as the usual daily washing.

I scrapped this layout today, used scraps and it took me about 10 minutes to complete :) A challenge was posted over at SIS, to take a photo of yourself waiting, use 5 pattern papers, an office supply/stationery and the letter J... here's what I did

Needed a pick me up type of layout and this did the trick :)

Dave came home for lunch today too, was nice and the girls loved the bonus time with him :) He is at cricket tonight so I am waiting for my dinner :)

Megan rang last night and again this morning, I think she either misses us or loves to talk on the phone!!!

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  1. Is the picture something you edited from a picture you took or a drawing.. I cant quite tell, but I like it whatever you did. I really like sketches alot. I like the yellow. You did an awesome job with that challenge.

  2. great take on the challenge Sharmaine! simply lovely :)

    it's always nice to have the hubbies home for lunch! glad you're all having a great time :)

  3. How did you get to scrap AND do all that washing??!!

    Cool layout Missy! Good luck with the challenge.

    Megan xx

  4. it is very cold here as well:)

  5. I love that layout! Very cool pic too! It is about 12 degrees Farenheit here in Chicago, and we have a windchill of negative 6...I wish I new what the sun looked like! :)

  6. LOVE that layout...the yellow is too cool with it

  7. ooooh It's so nice and bright, thats a neat technique on the photo!

  8. really liked your take on the sis challenge and how scrapalicious your page turned out!


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