Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Isn't it funny how one thing can change so much

No your not seeing things! This post does have the same title as a previous post but a complete 180 on that post!!!

Today we went to the supermarket, to get groceries and things for Megan's birthday tomorrow, she doesn't know it but a school friend is coming for lunch and we had to get things for her birthday dinner. We were at the register when the lady behind, in her lovely Canadian accent (love it!) asked if we were having a party. Megan told her that it was her birthday tomorrow and we got talking, about holidays, school etc. Anyway we pay for our things and start to load our trolley but before we move off she puts through the register a packet of snow balls and gives them to Megan and says they are for her birthday tomorrow. Sweet!!! So we returned the random act of kindness by buying a gerbera for her!! Turns out she became a Grandmother, for the first time, last night with a Grandson. I love that she took time out to get to know us and to step out with spontinaeity and make someones day a little brighter. So in her honour I created this page, so the girls never forget!!
I finally played about with the Picasa program and love that I could make everything b/w and just add colour to something LOVE THAT EFFECT!!!!
Also finished off this page in my art journal. Isn't what I wanted but moving on ;)

Found out today that I didn't make it through to the next round of the search for a fashinoista over at SIS. Honoured to have been in the top 100!! Looking forward to seeing who makes it to the end. So now I can share the page I made for the 2nd round, why I want to be a fashionista...

So there you go, a little more about what makes me tick lol

Dave came home while we were having lunch. He came bearing gifts, some Chomps and this...

Isn't he nice!! LOVE YOU DAVE! Grandma, he 'passed' his test :)

Well that's my day :) Hope yours was ok and would love to hear your stories of random kindness, I love doing it to others so was over the moon to have witnessed 2 acts today!!!

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  1. Allison7:03 PM

    Love that such a special act of kindness happened for you guys!!! That is very special.Love the layout is very cool

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Hey Miss Sharmaine...love your random act of kindness story and how cool that you created a layout about it. Well I think your layout for the DT is stunning and WELL DONE on being picked in the top 100...that is an awesome achievement in itself :0)

    Your work is stunning and you don't need anyone to tell you that!! Thanks for sharing your work with us

    LOVE that rose...gorgeous

    Have a GREAT week


  3. Your hubby is such a keeper!!

    Way to go in getting that far with the comp, you have so much talent. Keep it up. You inspire many.

  4. oh that's so sweet! I always love to do such things too!
    Too bad you didn't make it but keep up!!!

  5. such a fun story!!! love your layout!!! you rock!

  6. Magpie11:54 PM

    Anyone who gives away Snoballs is a saint in my book--yum! Nice job on the selective coloring in the photo. That was perfect for the layout!

  7. Hey girl,too bad you didnt make it!(me neither!!)But we rock anyway :D Luv your stuff!!

  8. Anonymous3:25 AM

    your fashionista layout is great...love it! love your random act of kindness story and i'm so glad you documented it for your kids....how much fun will that be to look back at itlater!

    so exciting to get a rose, too...wow...what a day!

  9. Oh that so sweet, us canadians are so nice :)

    Happy Birthday to your little one, hope she has a blas!

  10. How sweet of that lady! Thanks for sharing the story! Renews my faith in the human race just a bit! LOL

  11. what a super sweet story!
    lovely layouts!

  12. Hello Sharmaine,
    (((((((hugs))))))) first of all, sorry you didn't get to the next level and congrats you are a top 100. my God there were alot of applicants?!?
    I love all of your layouts and ideas. You inspire me. Everywhere i look that you have been, are remnants of wonderfulness for me to use on my life artists work. Thanks for sharing!!!

    The story of RAK is lovely. I should take more time to journal on my blog....ugh....it is much more fun to read yours.
    p.s. I love the word "trolly" I can never use that word...we don't have a trolly here in OHIO!!

    WEll long winded I am....Have a great evening!!!!
    If you get a chance or if you haven't already...please see my second lo posted for the challenge at Sisterhood of Scrap!

  13. Yay for random acts of kindness! :) Love your layouts!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY HANDWRITING! Sometimes I just need reminding... :)

  14. Happy Birthday Megan!!!
    *hugs* from Auntie Ed :D

    love all your layouts Sharmaine :)
    and Random Act of Kindness, i am always in Love with those!!!

    hope everyone will have a fun time celebrating! :)

  15. wow what a sweet woman! that is so fantastic that people still do nice things for others.

    and what a FAB layout you did in her honor. so so cool

  16. Oh, I LOVE random acts of kindness! What a great story! Hoping you have a great week!

  17. I love this "kindness" lo and the story behind it !


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