Monday, February 04, 2008

I was going to vent

but I really don't have the energy!!

Today has been a tough Mummy day! Lots to keep me umm busy :) Earned my pay today and the headache that goes with it ;)

Off to a different topic.

I was inspired by FunAuntSherry's work over at SIS. She had altered some fridge magnets, just the freebie variety you get from businesses... Well I had been wanting to do this for while, stockpiled me some magnets waiting waiting for time

I was inspired

So I grabbed this off the fridge

Turned it into this

and now it lives here

I used bits from past Q-Tea Kits, and I also made this page of Elizabeth using some too

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  1. you know i adore your creations Sharmaine! so the Happy magnet has a place on the fridge door! hehe...

    hope Mummy has cooled down a little bit? *hugs*

  2. cute stuffs...=) cool idea with the magnet, too!! so bright anf fun!

  3. Love the magnet and the wonderful layout! That is so beautiful!

  4. Aw poor you, too tired to vent!
    Big buddy hug. ;-)


    Already told you I LUB that magnet. :)

  5. Anonymous8:57 AM

    love your revamped magnet Sharmaine :) will definitely keep this idea in mind for the next magnet that comes along ;)

  6. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Hey Sharmaine..sorry you had a not so nice day yesterday :0( I hope that today was a BETTER one for you and I LOVE that are TOO TOO CLEVER!!


  7. You know it's not going to be a good day when your husband wishes you good luck today as he leaves for work :(

    That was mine today...

    Glad to hear I wasn't the only one. Makes it easier :)

    Hope it gets better.
    Just love your bright happy stuff, despite your day, you are amazing.


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