Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keeping your mind off other things...

is very draining!! I kept busy today so that I wouldn't think about these 2 starting back at school, a new school...

I'm not good at the whole back to school thing and throw a new school into the mix... but I kept myself together really well :)

And while they were at school these 2 were mostly good and didn't moan while we kept busy. They wanted to watch a movie after lunch so took a cushion each and did this...

They didn't stay there long and neither did the movie!!

Dave was home before 2 (THANK YOU DAVE AND I LOVE YOU) so he came with us to pick Megan and Jessica up from school. They both had a happy day and enjoyed being back at school. Both of them brought home their school books to be covered which Dave started (he is better at it than me and I am happy to let him do this task lol THANK YOU DAVE AND I LOVE YOU)

Megan did some work in her 'mental maths' book (still pondering that subject name!) and this is what I found she had done in her book...

hmmm I don't want to take the blame for the paper crafting love she did to make the man on his bike!!!

Dave is at soccer training but SVU starts back tonight and then Lost is on so I will be having some sit in front of the box time :) Wanted to fit some 'creating' time in today but it just didn't happen. Always tomorrow ;)

Hope you all had a happy valentines day, LOVE YOU DAVE.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I really dislike when my kids go back to school too! Hugs!

  3. lol. the little man on the bike is the CUTEST.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  5. aww...cute doodling there! :D

    Happy Valentine's Day Sharmaine & Dave!

    and you've been tagged!
    easy peasy one, i promise *wink*
    although it depends on your name..hehe

  6. I remember doodling along the sides of my work too. I think it was because I finished before everyone else. I'm a quick test taker. I like her little man, its adorable. and btw.. you have beautiful girls!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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