Wednesday, February 13, 2008

School goes back tomorrow

the weather is meant to be fine and that has to be a good thing!!

Speaking of weather today has been cold! Heater has been on all day but we were out most of the morning. We went firstly to the library then the fruit shop and finally to the old school to drop off school uniform bits that we won't be needing. The girls got to catch up with staff that were there, which was nice. Turns out the Chaplain, that starts this year, is a lady I know, so I got talking to her too.

Before we left I put paint down on a layout. Made a double page layout, which I find hard to do, so here it is :)

After checking the Groovie Java Cafe, this afternoon, I find there was a challenge going on, to use cardstock and paint. Hmmmm can I do that?? yes I can! So spurred on by this challenge I created this

Oh and before I go, the toilet paper person was back at it again, seen this arrangement before though lol I suppose just 3 rolls can only go so many ways.

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  1. Love your double page LO! The colors are so pretty and the photos so cute!

  2. i love your double page!!! Great job!! I feel like some fairy floss now!! LOL!
    Love the toilet paper photos... everytime you post one up i have a giggle!! You should make a mini book about it!!
    Hope it warms up for you soon!!
    Xx jess

  3. That page is cute!I don't have a toilet paper stacker but I do have one tht takes it off the holder everytime they go into use it...mmmm very annoying LOL.

  4. your double page is awesome Sharmaine! love it :) along with the challenge layout...awesome!

    aha...the toilet paper arranger! hehe...

  5. Those loo paper pics are so funny!!
    Love your layout! Youre really rockin the paint!

  6. Wow, love your LO! Love the colors! And waking up to TP photos does give me the giggles. :)

  7. Yep, I giggle at the toilet paper fairy too. Your double page turned out fab.

  8. Yay on making that spread, love the paint!

    Someone should write a book, like 'the Zen of toiletpaper'.

  9. The architect rocks! Gotta love the toilet paper tower.. kids are so funny :) Your layouts look great!

  10. Great pages! LOL about the toiletpaper!

  11. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Isn't paint the best?! Great layout!



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