Monday, February 25, 2008

Our baby is now 3!!

Yep today Lucy had her 3rd birthday.

Will let the photos tell the story :)

Dog from Grandma and Grandpa, money from Granny and Grandpa and the doll from us. Mum and Dad came for tea and she got a beach pack (with ball, bucket etc) and a puzzle.

She chose the pink cake, as her favourite colour is pink

She blew and blew but just couldn't blow the candles out so Dave helped guide her head lol

Yes it was a monster size strawberry, straight from Poppy's strawberry patch!

She had a good day, had a milk milo for morning tea as she had requested a chocolate milkshake. So seems to be enjoying being 3 :)

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  1. grandma7:40 PM

    love all the photos, thanks for sharing especially as we can't be there

  2. Wonderful,
    Looks like she had a nice day! Great cake.
    Happy Birthday Lucy!

  3. Wow where has the time gone.
    Happy 3rd Birthday Lucy. :-)
    Looks like she had a lovely day.

    That strawberry is nearly as big as the cake! Yummmm

  4. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

    Welcome to the Number 3 Club!!! hehehe...guess who's having headaches with a 3yr old boy here? *wink*

    *Hugs* Lucy!


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