Tuesday, February 26, 2008

**WARNING** Photo overload

But hopefully worth it ;)
Thought I would share some photos of my scrappy space, yes jumping on the band wagon!!

So this is where I sit to scrap.

Behind the wall on the right is the lounge and along that wall is my computer (and Daves, yes we sit side by side). Right behind me is a nook where the sewing machine lives.

Above, on shelves, are my most loved scrap mags, cardboard and other bits and pieces. I store my MM foam stamps by hanging them off a box lip with pegs

Very cute little pegs ;)

This is my tissue paper, cardboard, bubble warp box

I use an old clothes basket to store my go to stuff, like lettering, rubons, felt etc. The basket lives under my table at my feet, easy access.
I keep all my paper scraps, even small pieces. I store them in this clear bag and that also lives under the table.
Next to my table is a book case. On top of that I store
My buttons

Quotes from the kids or page ideas are stored here, just couldn't throw it out and can't find the other one!

Use a pot rack to store my punches, paints etc

Covered some tins with PP and ribbon and made a pen box, pencil tin, ink pad tin and a tin for my threads.

This cool noodle box was made by Josiane and given to me for Christmas, now its used to store my scrappy fabric!

The fairy floss container came in handy, use it to store all my chipboard.

So there you have it!! Thats my scrap area, until the table is needed for something else then everything gets pulled off it lol

So on to other stuffs :) Here is photo of my cool Happy Mail from Marlies, thanks again!!

Today Lucy and I went and picked up 2, yes 2!!, of these

Got them through Freecycle. Love this concept and highly recommend joining one in your area. So now I have a type writer I can use it for things like this :)

Speaking of Megan, she jumped in the deep end at swimming today!! Very brave and I am very proud :0)
I also completed another page in my art Journal today.

I wanted it to be an exclamation (!) rather than a question and feel that it applies to so may things in my life not just my art journal or scrapbooking. I want to add colour to people's lives.

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  1. Aww, sweetness! I love this peek into your scrap corner! Love all the funny storage methods you came up with.

    I am glad you got my stuff, I will be sending out some more today because after today I'll be gone till Monday.

    lub & kisses!

  2. Loving your pages and your typewriter!!! i am a Lover of Old Things and time to dig mine out *wink*

    and awesome scrap space Sharmaine! lots of goodies!!!

  3. lalalee@sistv10:27 PM

    oh YAY on the typewriter sharmaine - that is so cool!!!!
    Love your scrap space, your little gumboot is ADORABLE!!! I might have to do that with one of B's shoes.
    Have a fabulous week.
    Lee :)

  4. Thanks for giving us a peep into your scrap area. Would be too embarassed to show mine at the moment - it is a huge mess.

  5. Wow! love to see other people's art spaces!!! I horde paper scraps obsessively. I should take a photo of my stash!!!

    Oh the sparkly rain boot is too hysterical. Great way to recycle!!!

    Great color on your art journal page!

    Did I say happy b-day to your Bebe?


  6. I use that same folding table ;-) Totally loving all your supplies, it is like a mini store in there.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to Lucy!!!
    and LOVE all the pics of your scrap room....
    LOVE your button jars and pink wellie for quotes and the typewriter....YUM!

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I'm in love with that gumboot.

  9. I love those tins you covered with PP. That typewriter is delish. I'm contemplating on getting one if I ever go out and actually look for one. LOL

  10. Hey Sharmaine !!
    WOWWWWW !! OK... loooove your Art journal, looooove that shot of your jar with buttons (aweeeesome shot !! is it a big jar ??) and oh myyyyy you're as bad as me in terms of packing things up, up and up !! hehehe !!!
    Thanks for sharing your 'crafty studio' !!!

  11. Hi
    Thanks for the look at ur scrap space!!!
    Also thank you for the great comment on my new range of stamps on Rachel's blog Comp!!!
    You are tooo nice
    Love and Skullies Angie

  12. Oh that gumboot just made me LOL. Absolutely gorgeous!


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