Friday, February 01, 2008

Thankful for inspiring people!

This morning started and I was tired and very unmotivated. One email from a LOVEly friend and I was back on track, the to-do list got done and I did a layout and a page in my art journal!!! THANK YOU Julie ;)

So that to-do list... That was a trip to the post office but to do that I had to complete the mini book I made my sister, put together a gift for my Happy mail buddy and a belated birthday present for our nephew whose birthday was on Monday. So I completed those tasks and after morning tea we went to the post office, job done! Next was the fruit shop, job done. Called in to a local scrap store and bought some cardstock, naughty but necessary ;) Then home with a completed to-do list!!

Amongst all that I had started a new page in my art journal, paint dried while we were away so by the time we got home I could do the last bit of painting before finishing this

Then through the day I created a layout, it was meant to be about how when Dave finishes work for the day he will ring to say he's on his way home and I will put the jug on and make a coffee which is ready by the time he gets home so we can have a coffee together... well I started journaling and it didn't end up being about that at all lol

And I will leave you with these 2 photos, I love that even though we live in suburbia we still get to see the bird life :)

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  1. Hey Sharmaine, you inspired me to try and blog more!! Make it more of my routine, let's see how I go tomorrow.

    P.S. Looking forward to the next installation of the toilet roll "artist"!

  2. love the Love Jar!!! that's simply fabulous!

    i'm tired now Sharmaine but always enjoy coming to your blog :)

    enjoy the weekend Dear!

  3. your art journal is great. I haven't even touched the inner painter in me. I hate to make a mess... Not that I don't when I scrapbook. I love the Love jar. Great one... Have a great weekend.

  4. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Love the LOVE clever....LOVE, LoVE, lovE it....thanks for inspiring me today!

  5. Anonymous6:32 AM


    I love how your art journal is coming along. Really gorgeous stuff.


  6. Sounds like you're a busy lady!! =) Cute pages!...I am so impatient about waiting for paint to dry, man..I should take a cue from you and leave the house while I'm waiting..he he

  7. I love the jar with love. (Better than mayonnaise, eh-eh.) I am so enjoying your metaphors! :-)


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