Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whirlwind day

Yep a busy one here :)
School, shopping, swimming.
Had a phone call to say Megan could start a learn to swim group, someone had pulled out.
Thankfully Dave was free so we dropped Megan off at his work, after school, and he took her.
Meanwhile we came home to cook dinner before Dave went to soccer training.
Hoping to scrap tonight :)
The lovely Bekka tagged me
Five Random things about me...
1 Was engaged for 2 months before we got married and we paid/organised it all, apart from the dress which my Mum made. Wedding for under $500 and it was perfect :)
2 Had my drivers licence for 20 years
3 My grade 1 class went to Melbourne for the day. Bus left for the airport early, went to the zoo, got back late... Very cool day trip ;)
4 Love swings
5 Suck at tags!!

So I am piking, as usual, and tagging anyone who wants to play. Just make sure you let me know you played because I would love to see your random facts :)
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  1. did you manage to scrap? :)
    how nice she gets a slot for swimming! she must be very excited :D

    ahh...so sweet to know a little more about you Sharmaine :)

  2. Had your license for 20 yrs eh? does that mean you don't have it anymore??? :p

  3. Wow, you always seem so busy and love it. Loved your tag facts. I didn't plan my wedding at all. My DH did. All I had to do was show up with a dress and we had the loveliest wedding! Sounds like you had a wonderful wedding too.


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