Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy Wednesday

but all good :)

Took the girls to school and then Lucy and I headed over to spend the morning with Bron (and Murray hehe). Was sooo nice! Lucy was really good, which meant more time for me to sit and chat to Bron, miss that sometimes :)

Megan has Guides tonight so thought I would jump online and blog now while I had the chance.

Made this last night. Have been keeping odd pieces of cardboard for a while so it was nice to just pull it out, cut it up and make this :)

Had these photos and really wanted them together so made this mini album, just nice and simple as I cut the cardboard so it would fit the photos without having to crop or add anything.

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  1. couldnt you do it with five girls?

  2. They are such cute photos of your girls!! That mini book is awesome!!
    Xx Jess

  3. what an adorable book!

  4. grandma8:38 PM

    love the book

  5. oh cute pics, so colourful!

  6. It is very sweet. Where's your picture ;) I like the colors.

  7. love your mini Sharmaine, what great photos love all that colour :)

  8. that book is so gorgeous!

  9. Very, Very cute Mini Book :)

  10. fabulous Sharmaine! i have cardboards lying around too... :D

  11. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I laughed out loud at your comment 'drank many a rock drink' :D
    love the album. I do lots of simple albums like that. The way I see it the kids will like it just as much as if you'd toiled for hours over it.
    The photos are really great too.
    Your 'trust' layout is cool.


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