Monday, March 10, 2008

Another HOT day!

and it was hot overnight so looking forward to it being cooler tonight.

Long weekend end here which meant everyone was home, yay.

Today Elizabeth had her first ever school friend birthday party to go to. It was at McDonald's and she was VERY excited about going. We went present shopping this morning and she told me that she liked going with just me. Was nice to have the one on one :)

She loved the party, loved playing, loved dancing, loved everything :0)

While we were out Dave and the other 3 girls finished off the pruning and by the time we got home his car was loaded up for another run to the tip.

On a scrappy note, I started this just before cooking dinner (inspiration strikes me at the silliest moments) and I completed it just after we ate. I used bits from the latest Qtea Kit.

Not sure about this one, feeling like I have left my scrappy-ness somewhere, just hoping to find it again lol

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a super week :)
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  1. Looooove your Cousins LO! It's awesome. Love the earthy colours, the touch of messiness, the bubble wrap stamping, great work Sharmaine!!

  2. Elizabeth looks so cute and happy! it's nice to have the one on one shopping trip :)

    your LO is Super!!! love the colours and everything! :)

    Thanks for your well wishes Sharmaine :)
    Ron's on his way to Bali and we're home and i'm now in bed yet again! hehe...

    Take care!

  3. Sharmaine how on earth can you be unsure of this layout??? It is fabulous!!! Really, one of my favourites of yours...EVER!

    Megan xx

  4. I love the look of this layout Sharmaine - it is very arty, love the way you have done the journalling. Looks great.

  5. Aww shes so cute!

    I love your layout!! I really love how youve journaled using the alphas! Looks great!xx

  6. oh, I love that cousins layout! Love the colors, the placement of things, how you journaled. It is all brilliant!

  7. Anonymous8:22 AM

    love this layout Sharmaine - cool colours and photo :)

  8. Hi Sharmaine -

    Not enough time in the day to visit and comment blogs and such and there's that thing I have called a job, eee!

    Happy, happy energy radiating out of the cousin's picture!!! Funny how "repetitve" work provides so much inspiration. I wonder if its b/c cooking is rote and that lets your mind wander to creativity, or the action of cooking generates the ideas? I guess we'll never know!

    Great colors as usual! Good composition! I can't believe you used so many embellishments and still maintained the focus on the photo! I wish I got that kit!!!

    : .)


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