Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's hot baby HOT

Yep, summer is over and now it decides to warm up!!!
Was goosebump cold this morning and it wasn't till lunchtime that the sun showed her shiny face and made us feel her presence!!

After Church this morning we headed down to Mum and Dad's. My sister arrived home yesterday with her 2 little cherubs.

Our girls enjoyed playing with her girls and it was nice to see them again.

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  1. ! I love the faces pic ! Looks like you had so much fun !

  2. Beautiful cherubs the all are!!!
    It's just wonderful you got a small taste of the sun...whai wouldn't do to live where it's sunny all year round.

  3. Great pics with great kids. Mika (

  4. Awww.. love these fun pics!!!!!! So happy that the sun is still there for you guys!!!!!! (I bet it will give us in The Netherlands a visit too in a couple of weeks!!! hehe..) Have a great Sunday !XOXO

  5. love those faces. I especially love the last photo. Hope you had a great weekend...

  6. what precious pictures!

  7. Oh how cute, love all your girls together!

    Say, you still didn't get my third package? I am starting to worry customs snatched it for hazardous content.... :s

  8. I love the pics!!! All the colors just made me happy!!!

    I WISH the weather was warmer in our part of the world. I'm SO ready for spring!!


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