Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coffee with my Love

Yep Lucy and I went to visit Dave on the way home, from school drop offs, and had a cuppa. Nice :)

Today is a busy day, Megan has Guides tonight and pay-in-the-bank willing I will do the grocery shopping.

Soooooo I thought I would get bloggy now :)

I scrapped this page of Elizabeth today. Its about how I wish she would keep talking even when we don't understand her. Her speech is delayed and sometimes it's really hard to understand her. Talked with her teacher this morning and she said that Elizabeth had clammed up on her a few times rather than repeat herself. Its a strategy Elizabeth has developed for when people don't understand her and it isn't a good thing. So I thought I would scrap about it and that I want her to talk.

I broke the photo printer last night :( A piece of paper got jammed and now it just won't work. So I used an older photo of Elizabeth. It was funny that I did this page today as when I picked her up from school Elizabeth's teacher said that the speech pathologist had been and had her first session with Elizabeth. So now we have the ball rolling at school YAY.
Elizabeth just told me to turn around and see what she was doing, this is what greeted me :)

Love imaginations!!
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  1. wow u r really on top of things :)

  2. Love that page! I hope everything goes uphill with your daughter. She looks like a sweetie.

  3. Cute page! Hope the speech pathology works wonders...=) My little brothers' speech was delayed and he's come leaps and bounds since he started working with someone! =) happy day!

  4. Imagination does wonders! *Hugs* i'm sure Elizabeth will start talking and non~stop soon :D


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