Monday, March 17, 2008

Helping the Marshmallow lady

We were on our way home this morning, Little Miss Lucy and I, when I spied a car broken down on the side of the road. Was a family who had just moved down this year and were also new to our school. So I asked if she wanted me to take her boys to school, being as they were already late. She was very thankful so I took her 3 boys to school. Yep this is the Marshmallow lady. Why am I calling her the marshmallow lady?? When we first started at school I used to wait with Elizabeth and Lucy up near Megan's class room, which is where we met Karen. Elizabeth and Lucy were pretending to cook marshmallows on a campfire (insert image of some twigs...) and they offered come marshmallows (sticks) to Karen who happily received them with lots of 'yum looks good'. So she was then named and always referred to as THE MARSHMALLOW LADY...
So on to the rest of the day. Washing, playing with Lucy, went for a walk with Lucy and the usual school things.
I also completed my One Little Word page. The word prompt is find, so this is my take :)
Also did this page in my Art Journal. used silver paint under the letter mask, black paint over the lot and then added glue and glitter to the letters.
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  1. Totally love the layout of you...the colours you have used are very cool!!. Marshmallow lady hee hee...glad that you were able to be a good Samaritan today!!

  2. Congratulations, I just logged on to SIS and saw that you are designer of the week, way to go :)

  3. Opps I meant SISter of the week, but I guess you know what I mean

  4. Love the layout. Congrats on being SIS of the week!

  5. and you do!

    shine that is!

    in so many ways! : .)

    happy week!!!


  6. I so love your layout and what a great picture of you. Very pretty! Great job


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