Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This mouse might play

I knew I couldn't do it!

I just couldn't leave the layouts sitting unfinished!

So I watched Woman's Murder Club and finished the layouts!!

This is my One Little Word layout, using the word TIME as a prompt

Then I completed this one :)

Missing Dave heaps :(
Elizabeth went straight to sleep tonight, no surprises she was grumpy after Kindergarten today and has started the 'I don't like school' thing so it's all starting to add up. Glad it is a long weekend coming up and that Elizabeth's school week is over :) :) :) Lucy is still being a ratbag, can hear her talking away... although Elizabeth is asleep so she is just talking to herself!! Megan is reading while Jessica is meant to be going to sleep, another tired girl :0)
Hope your Wednesday is going ok, Dave home tomorrow YAY
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  1. Allison6:59 PM

    love you layouts Mrs you have love time and the love chair ;) hee hee...just teasing!!! anyway only one more sleep till david gets home.

  2. Gorgeous Happy Colours pages!!!
    ahh..."i don't like school", that will pass *wink*

    glad that Dave will be home tomorrow. Yayy for Sharmaine :D

    hope you're having a great day!

  3. Gorgeous layouts! I love the vibrant colors

  4. Love these layouts especially your "love time". So bright and happy. Definately love checking out your blog.

  5. Those are fantastic LO's!!! I love the colors and how bright they are!

  6. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Very cool layouts.

  7. Anonymous9:33 AM

    The 'love time' layout is terrific. Love that arrow.

  8. awesome layouts!love it!

  9. Great layouts!! Love the Time one... too bad I can't read the journaling:-))
    And the other one, love the bright colors in it, especially the mix of letters, awesome!!

    (Hey, are you Dutch?? Seeing your last name in Allison's comment??)

  10. I so love these LO's!

    That top one is so unique! Great job Sharmaine!!!

  11. AMAAAAAAZING layouts Sharmaine !!!!
    oh my gooood !!! i love them both !! just looove that style of yours !!


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