Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Stop it Lucy or Easter Bunny won't come"

Yep, that's what Elizabeth just said to little Miss ratbag!!!

Last night I completed 2 pages (yay me!)

This one of Jessica

and this one of Dave, who is on his way home YAYAYAY

Then today, in the mail, I received my Qtea kit. This month I've been asked to be the guest designer and so I was eager to get my fingers on the kit and once I busted open the envelope I made this page of Megan :)

The branch I cut from the napkin, everything but the arrow and lettering are from the pack and I am looking forward to creating more with the other treats in the kit!!

Had a request for the journaling on my Love Time layout (see previous post) so the journaling is:

"Now before your mind goes to the gutter... It isn't what you think!! Sometimes it's hard to have a quiet moment around here. So Dave took our 'after work' coffee into the bedroom. The kids followed us in, nothing unusual there! But then Jessica told everyone to leave & pulled the door closed behind her. I called out "what are you doing?" She replied "just letting you have some LOVE TIME!" So Love time was born! Even Elizabeth had played some lovely gazoo music and danced for us as we had our coffee. It's just lovely that they 'get' that we need that time together. Time to chat over a cuppa. So now tell me.... Whose mind is still in the gutter??"
(Gazoo is the Kazoo but the girls call it gazoo....)
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  1. you're all nutters, but Im comin home for some love time!!! Maybe even with a little effort I can get it into the gutter!!!

  2. Heyyy Sharmaine ! i saw that on the QTea web-site !! congrats on being the guest designer and what have you done there ???!?!? ohhhh myyyy i oh sooo love those pages !!! i was wondering how i'd use those little 'trees note' paper !! ouhhh loooove it !!!

  3. Wow, how nice you're the guest designer!
    Love the Q-Tea LO, and the other ones too, especially the orange-blue combo!


  4. congratulations- such awesome layouts and photos!

  5. love your layouts Sharmaine!! Lucky you got your Q Tea kit already. Always takes a while to Germany. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!!

  6. Cute pages Sharmaine - thanks for visiting my blog all the way from Oz.
    I have 4 squirts too but mine are all boys - & 2 are over 6 feet tall now - so don't tell them I called them squirts LOL.
    Have blogrolled you!

  7. Oh wow, I love your layouts and that journaling........ it is awesome, love the story... my mind was a bit in the gutter, have to admit it:-))

  8. Congrats on the guest DT spot!
    Great pages. I love the everyday page the most :-)

  9. Lucy is sooo cute! :)

    love your layouts as always and Congrats on being Guest Designer!

    forgot to let you know i've a You Make My Day Award for you @ my blog *wink*

    Happy Friday and enjoy some more Love Time!!!

  10. Awesome shots & layouts!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  11. LOL! Kids say the funniest things!

    Love your great LO's and congrats on you GDT gig!


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