Sunday, March 02, 2008

Why do Elephants have big feet??

Well, I will tell you that at the end of this post :)
This is what I did yesterday

A garage sale, to sell odds and ends as well as the mountain of baby clothes we had been saving!!

I spent sometime doing this,

but it was an ok type of day with lots sold but BOXES of clothes left over!!! we took them to Mum's today, when we picked up Elizabeth, and Mum will pass them on to a charity shop that she works at as a volunteer.

This afternoon I did this

bad move as I dozed for a few minutes and felt ick-ee-er afterwards!!

So, if you read this far and still want to know...
Why do Elephants have big feet??

To stomp out the flaming ducks :) :)

Jessica told us this joke today and I found it a little too funny :)
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All photos taken by Dave and excuse the shot of me through the dusty window, but I like the cloudy effect ;)
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  1. garage sales are aweful like that. We used to save stuff for the next sale (we used to do 2 a year). Now we just haul it off to charity.

    There is nothing worse than having to do work like that when it is suppose to be your day off..ick.

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    through the cloud and haze of my life...theres always you!

  3. ....awww...looks like a lot of work!! Glad some of it went to charity, though, and it probably feels good to be free of all that stuff! =) Thanks for the sweet words on my blog, Sharmaine!

  4. I think that is a very good picture of you through the window. You are brave to do a yard sale. I always think they are way to much work. I'm glad you had lots sold :)


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