Thursday, February 28, 2008

A whole lot of Lucy and a little bit of Dave

Today has been a busy day and one of those days where everything was against me not with me lol

Mum and Dad showed up before lunch and took Elizabeth with them for a little holiday at their house. So the afternoon was spent with Lucy.

Doesn't she look cute??!!! Love the hair hanging out the top!!

Then she found this amusing. You flick the sheet up and then run over the top...

And then there is this, butter wouldn't melt!!!

Yesterday I created this of my best friend :)

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  1. Anonymous6:48 PM

    butter wouldn't melt.....hee haa hoooheeehhaaaaaa...Oopps of course it wouldn't melt, she my beautiful miss Lulu....!!!

  2. Aw you little girl is adorable! I remember building tent cities with sheets and dining room chairs. That was fun :)

    Love your layout of your dh.. Gives me inspiration. My dh is my best friend too! :)

  3. she's such a cutie!!! love her pink hair :D

    and your LO, just so fabulous!

  4. cute pics and stunning lo!!

  5. Awwww that is so cute! Great LO!

  6. I love the sheet trick, I think I might still try that ;-)

  7. Your layout looks great!! and I love love her pink cute.

  8. Love the mis-matched shoes!!! What a doll!


  9. Wow-your daughter is such a cutie-patootie!! And the picture of your friends husband....hubba-hubba!!

  10. JULIE LOVE6:38 PM

    BEAUTIFUL photos Sharmaine...and yes it looks just like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth...LOVE all the photos from your scrapping area too

    hope you are having a SUPER weekend


  11. Nothing better than DH being your best friend. Mine is too. Love the layout, might just have to scraplift that one ;

  12. Wow, this LO is just awesome!

  13. The LO looks awesome - does he have blue hair?
    The flowers look great on their too(I am biased since I made them ;)

    great pics too :)


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