Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Dave is on his way home RIGHT NOW!!
The day has been a busy one, just as planned :) but the weather was cold and wet so lots of inside time

Among all the things we had to do today there was time for



and some happy mail from Aimee

Megan wanted to scrap

then Jessica wanted to scrap

and here are their pages, the photos are ones they took themselves Christmas last year :)
*edited* Megan's layout of Jessica, the bottom photo is from 2 years ago


While they created I tried to create... I made this page but have since decided it isn't finished and so will show you the completed page when it's done :)

I find it hard to scrap when they scrap and I find it hard to scrap when they are around so my ummm creative juices were else where and hoping to find them again lol Did you notice that Megan used the ring eyelets that I had used as a mask for my paint?? Love that she recycled ;)

Ok so Dave is half way home now and then a taxi ride Yippy Yippy YAY :)
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  1. cute lo's
    looks like a creative day :)

  2. I love scrapping with my niece and nephew, if we do not do it together, how are we going to create the next generation of scrapbookers :-)

  3. ohmygosh!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that your girls wanna scrap with you!!! sooo sweet!!! they are talented, just like their mom!!! how fun!!!

    yay that Dave is home!!!


    Happy Day!!!

  4. cute layouts - looks like fun and the recycling was great!!

  5. oh, sweet! and their layouts are cute :)

  6. WOW! Their pages are great!


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